Leila Bahri

Senior Researcher at KTH

Very old yet new: Blockchain Technology in the Limelight


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and more recently Facebook Libra, cryptocurrencies of various types and varied functionality have been in the trend for about a decade now. At the back of cryptourrencies is what should be known as Blockchain; a technology that stretches beyond cryptocurrencies and comes with promises to revolutionize the way current IT systems and services are organized as well as perceptions of trust in the wider virtual realms. Along with the wide attention that cyrptocurrencies have been attracting, Blockchain technology and its impact are more likely to stretch beyond ongoing speculations on these virtual coins. Decentralized identity management, transparent supply-chain systems, and IoT governance and security are only examples of research challenges for which this technology may hold substantial potential. What is Blockchain, this very old yet new technology that have come into the limelight in the last few years? What are its main components and its different governance models? What research challenges it introduces and what contributions it could bring to the academic society? This talk aims to address some of these questions, with the aim of increasing researcher interest and awareness on the potential (as well as limitations) of this emerging technology.