October 14-16, 2019
CASTOR Software Days


At the CASTOR Software Days, software researchers, engineers and students meet to present and discuss cutting-edge technology, state of the art and current challenges in three areas:


Automation from continuous integration to runtime operations

Safety and Security

Hardening the software stack

Large-Scale Distributed Systems

Operations and data analysis at scale

The days will mix keynotes, academic and industry talks, demos, lightning talks and student events. These software days are organized by the CASTOR software research center and are the first incarnation of an annual series of events.


Keynote Speakers

Ziawasch Abedjan

Assistant Professor and head of the Big Data Management Group at TU Berlin

David Basin

Professor of information security at ETH Zurich

Dimitra Giannakopoulou

Research computer scientist at NASA

Josh Kalderimis

VP of Product at Travis CI

Peter Pietzuch

Professor of computer science at Imperial College London

Daniel Stenberg

The author and maintainer of cURL and libcurl


Sahar Asadi

Research Lead (AI Research and Development) at King

Leila Bahri

Senior Researcher at KTH

Paris Carbone

Senior researcher at RISE

Daniel Deogun

Business Consultant, VP Academy & Partner at Omegapoint AB

Elena Troubitsyna

Associate Professor of computer science at KTH

Tobias Furuholm

Tech Lead at SoftSense, Combient

Dan Green

Principal Developer at Ericsson

Roberto Guanciale

Assistant professor of computer science at KTH

Philipp Haller

Associate professor of computer science at KTH

Maria Jernström

Product Manager at Spotify, I/O (Infrastructure and Operations)

Wolfgang John

Cloud Research Leader at Ericsson

Pontus Johnson

Professor of cyber security and software architecture at KTH

Dan Bergh Johnsson

Partner and VP Omegapoint Academy

Prem Jonnalagadda

Barefoot Networks

Mehrdad Mamaghani

Head of R&D at Analytics & AI Swedbank

Martin Monperrus

Professor of software technology at KTH

Francesca Palombini

Ericsson Research

Ingela Persson

DevOps Team Lead, Saab Surveillance

Andrei Sabelfeld

Professor of computer security at Chalmers

Sina Sheikholeslami

PhD student of computer science at KTH

Amira Soliman

Researcher at RISE SICS

Simone Stefani

Software Developer at Slagkryssaren

Johan Tordsson

CTO of Elastisys and associate professor of computer science at Umeå University


KTH Continuous Integration Art Hackathon

Oct 14 2019 Former KTH Nuclear Reactor R1

Hackathon about Continuous Integration Data

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Organization Team

Benoit Baudry

General co-chair and DevOps track co-chair

Frédéric Loiret

General co-chair and DevOps track co-chair

Amir H. Payberah

Distributed systems track co-chair

Musard Balliu

Safety and security track co-chair

Cyrille Artho

Safety and security track co-chair

Philipp Haller

Distributed systems track co-chair

Maria Berthelius

Local organizer

Alexandra Leyton

Student liaison and communication

Oscar Luis Vera-Pérez

Web consultant

Javier Cabrera-Arteaga

Web consultant


The CASTOR Software Days will be held at KTH main campus
SE-100 44, Stockholm, Sweden
D1, Lindstedtsvägen 17, floor 6.
Welcome cocktail will be held in reaktorhallen on Monday Oct 14 at 16h30.
Posters will be presented in U21 on Tuesday Oct 15.
Concert will be at KMH on Tuesday Oct 15.