Mehrdad Mamaghani

Head of R&D at Analytics & AI Swedbank

Analytics & AI at Swedbank

14-10-2019 15:30 - 15:45


Data science at one of the largest retail banks in the Nordics is not always about churn prediction or creating data dashboards; on the contrary, many of the ongoing tasks engage multi-disciplinary teams and involve a rich repertoire of software skills for the data science efforts to add tangible value for the customers. In this talk, we will paint a brief picture of Swedbank’s data science journey and some of the highlighted cases


Mehrdad Mamaghani holds a PhD in applied mathematical statistics from Stockholm University along with years of experience from the pharmaceutical and communication industries. At Swedbank, Mehrdad is heading the R&D division of Analytics & AI group and, together with his colleagues, conduct extensive work and research to better leverage the data within the bank as well as creating frameworks for more efficient and customer-oriented banking practices using a variety of learning techniques and advanced analytical platforms.