KTH Continuous Integration Art Hackathon
Oct 14 2019 Former KTH Nuclear Reactor R1

Unfortunately, no more registrations are allowed now; we are full of capacity in R1

We invite you to the first hackathon about art and continuous integration. Passionate and creative software students, software developers, artists, designers and curious citizens are welcome to join this first ever performance of software art based on continuous integration data. Hackathon site, here

The Concept

In this hackathon, we will dive into the extraordinary activity that occurs in a continuous integration server through visual and sound representations.

The goal is to build beautiful visualizations or sonifications of continuous integration (of compilations, test, analysis, packaging, deployment). These representations can be purely visual with beautiful images (still), videos (moving, à la Gource), or soundtracks (e.g., the sound of the continuous factory of open source software can be synthesized with Tone.js).

The hackathon will be based on the stream of Travis builds provided through the travis websocket. Examples of artistic representations of Travis include the rain of commit messages, the forest of builds or the sound of programming languages.

More inspirations for such visual representations of software can be found at the CoDeDoc exhibition at the Whitney Museum. Representations can also be based on sound, through the sonification of the CI activity. Participants can be inspired by the sonification of the continuous activity of wikipedia.

The Venue

The hackathon will take place in a very peculiar venue, the old structure of the very first nuclear reactor of Sweden, called KTH R1. It was a research reactor located on the main campus of KTH at Valhallavägen, and was active from 1954 to 1970. It was completely dismantled, and there is nothing left of it today. It is in the reactor hall that our hackathon will take place.


See Github repository dedicated to the hackathon

Frequently Asked Questions

Please the FAQ page for the hackathon.

Other questions? Please contact ci-hackathon@eecs.kth.se

Seats are limited! Register here before 10 October