Prem Jonnalagadda

Barefoot Networks

Domain Specific Architecture comes to Networking


The domain of high-performance networking has long been held hostage by fixed-function dataplanes. The meteoric rise in data generation and consumption has made full end-user programmability in the fabric a must. Thanks to the advances in silicon process technology we are now able to create high-performance packet processing ASICs like the Barefoot Tofino that do not compromise on performance, power or price. The creation and proliferation of P4, a domain specific programming language for networking and the availability of P4-programmable Ethernet switches like Tofino are putting the owners of the network in the driving seat. Network builders are able to craft a forwarding plane that best suits their needs and create highly efficient networks that adapt to the changing demands of the workloads they serve. This talk will give an overview of P4 and Barefoot Tofino and the innovative use-cases they enable.